MISCONDUCT Our 2013 album contains songs that range from sassy to heartwarming to angsty, accurately portraying a slice of Harmo itself. Listen for songs by phenomenal artists, such as Sara Bareilles, Tracy Chapman, and Bruno Mars.

PRECIOUS HARMOMENTS From romantic strolls in the park to milkshakes at the local diner, we’ve immortalized every precious harmoment in our brand new 2008 release!! Featuring songs by Billy Joel, Hanson, Anna Nalick, the Indigo Girls, and others.

UNZIPPED The long awaited 2005 Harmonic Motion CD is finally here! The result of several years of hard work, this CD has songs of all different styles, from Ben Folds Five to Shania Twain to Red Hot Chili Peppers.

HIGHER marks our stellar sophomore effort. The album spans a year in HM’s history, and includes all of our new crowd favorites. This album has something for everyone–rocking tracks like Everything You Want and You Keep Me Hangin’ On, poignant ballads like Call and Answer, and raw emotion on St. Teresa.

FROM THE GROUND UP is a tight 12 songs, spanning our first two years as a group. Songs include our earliest material, such as Down Under, to crowd pleasers like Shape of My Heart and Mambo Swing.