vivsViva, Brown ’20
Viva is our Harmo soprano star, belting out some of our dopest songs. Viva is also our resident campus celebrity. From her first day at Brown, her smile and contagious energy has lit up every room she has entered! As a first year musical theater star, Viva made huge waves when she starred in Sock and Buskin’s In the Heights. If you catch her on the dance floor, she will blow you away with her hips- let me assure you, they do not lie.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, horse, sky, outdoor and natureDREW,  Brown ’19
Drew is an incoming sophomore and one of our newest additions. He is from Mass and blew us away with his vocal bass chops. The sweet looking boy is always sure to come into rehearsals looking fly and edgy, especially when wearing his famed leather jacket. He is indeed the best smolderer of the group. You can catch Drew performing in musicals, or if you give him a song to arrange, he will have it ready for you sooner than you’ll expect. He is sure to make a lasting impact on Harmo.

me.jpgLydia, Brown ’19, Business Manager
Lydia holds it down in harmo with her smooth mezzo voice, consistent chill vibes and positive attitude. When she isn’t killing it in rehearsal singing Settle Down or dropping a few fire bars in Buy You a Drink, she can be found putting in some serious work in the Rock until the sun comes up, probably studying for Orgo or some other crazy hard STEM class. She’s hard working, dedicated, and looks STUNNING in her seemingly endless collection of gold accessories. Only a sophomore, harmo and all of its dedicated fans gets to look forward to another 2 years of her killer voice and beautiful presence.

kev.jpgKevin, RISD ’19
Kevin Dong has the voice and face of an angel. But don’t let that fool you. If you’ve never seen him enjoying the results of fermentation, you’d be shocked at the transformation from the mild-mannered young man you thought you knew to the lit AF, red-faced, in-your-face-screaming-Beyoncé demon within. When this Kiwi isn’t blessing Harmo with his angelic voice, he’s probably listening to ASMR or hosting a radio show, since he always seems to be very on top of his crazy Graphic Design workload at RISD. Catch him taking the Rock on random Tuesdays and Thursdays with Lydia from 12-2!

april.jpgApril, RISD ’20
April is Harmo’s hardcore tenor hailing from Korea. When she’s not pulling three-day-long all nighters working on insane RISD project, she’s sleeping through rehearsals. Her gorgeous voice makes it well worth it though! Be careful not to get cut by her razor sharp studded docs and even sharper winged liner. And yes, we will always be jealous of the extra-special Harmo bond April has with her RA, Harmo senior Leah Aegerter.

leniLeni,  Brown ’20
Leni is Harmo’s newest alto bb from upstate NY. When she’s not tooting her horn in Brown’s orchestra, you can catch her crying over music theory in Orwig or bio labs on the scili quiet floor. She is currently gunning for Maikerly’s title of “best shoes in harmo” but otherwise her aesthetic is def hip grandma. she loves harmo with all of her heart and strongly believes that fruit should not be found in desserts 😉 Eat ur heart out world.

Emily Emily Rudder, Brown ’17

Emily Rudder, class of 2017, hails from Seattle, Washington, where she was known to cultivate an obsession with monkeys that bordered on unhealthy. As a child, she was an accomplished gymnast, but gave that all up in her pursuit of a cappella perfection at Brown. Her combined spunk and alarming lack of shame has earned her the unofficial title “selfie princess,” as evidenced by these quality snapshots:


Emily is also an accomplished actress. She brings her talents to lots of theater on campus from Production Workshop to Sock and Buskin. In Harmonic Motion, she sings an enchanting alto/mezzo-soprano.

Leah Leah Aegerter, RISD ’17

A sculpture major at RISD, Leah Aegerter is Harmo’s deliverer of honey tones. She will slay you with her silky brown eyes and mellifluous voice, and also with her ability to sculpt literally anything out of anything. This down-to-earth metal-welding gal will melt your heart and turn it into a dope-ass work of art. All you have to do is ask ;-).

Dan Dan Rapuano, Brown ’17

Dan Rapuano is a Brown senior from Lower Marion (it’s just outside of Philly, guys…). When he isn’t directing or acting in theater shows, singing that sultry baritone in HarMo, or working toward a Comparative Lit. Concentration, Danny boy can be found breaking hearts all over campus. He looks just as dapper in a suit and tie as he does in his sexy doctor costume from Halloween 2014— aka an open lab coat, briefs, and nothing else. So watch out boys and girls, because once you set eyes on this kind cutie, you can’t help but swoon.

Alex Alex DeFrancesco, Brown ’17

Yoyoyo! My name is Alex DeFrancesco. I’m one of Brown’s up and rising hotties hailing from New York, find me as animalove228(I don’t know apparently that’s my contact info on Facebook). When I’m not slayin’ it in the fashion department, I’m getting wet and wild teaching little kids about animals at the New York Aquarium. My fave color, obviously purpz. I’m kind of an international superstar, since I had a story published in a Russian magazine when I was a kid about a crocodile. You know, it’s no biggie or anything. My singing sounds like angelic choirs flying out of my curvacious body, especially when I’m killing it in the opera department. I’m addicted to coffee, and I’m interested in jewish and my religious views are men. Ooops, other way around ;). Iloveharmo ❤

Maikerly Maikerly Reyes Ureña, Brown ’18

Born in the Dominican Republic and reppin’ the Bronx, Maikerly “Young Curls” Reyes Ureña now graces Brown’s campus with her love of skin-tight denim, vibrant patterns, and tasteful choke collars. Equipped with a soulful boom only outranked by Christina Aguilera herself, Maikerly’s vocal training at LaGuardia High School has made her a veritable Harmo powerhouse. While she may seem shy at first glance, this firecracker is always ready to bring the sass and kick some ass.

Jeffrey Jeffrey Hao, Brown ’18

Jeffrey Hao is Brown junior who says he is from Maryland but is more likely from a magical fantasy world because not only he a cutie and a computer science genius but he also has many special powers. These include but are not limited to being our human pitch pipe, comfortably wearing open toe shoes during blizzards, successfully chasing brown shuttles until they stop and agree to drive us back to pembroke and being able to do insane belly rolls while on the low having the sexiest six pack ever. Don’t be fooled by his innocent smile and cartoon-character-like charm, because when Jeff starts singing he can melt you with his smoky jazzy voice.

Saleka Saleka Shyamalan, Brown ’18

Besides absolutely killing the boot game on a regular basis, Saleka “I wear a tiny beanie” Shyamalan is also a killer Soprano for Brown’s hottest co-ed A Cappella group (Harmo, obviously). When she’s not trying to fix her car (whose alarm, for some reason, randomly goes off while she still in the car), she’s wishing that she could teleport, arrive to rehearsal at 10PM sharp, and still have time to fulfill her healthy obsession with getting crêpes in the middle of the night(can never have too many of those).

Fabien Fabien Ma, Brown ’18

Fabien’s beat boxing skills left us jamming even after his audition was over. He’s from Hong Kong, China and besides being able to produce some hot sounds he has some savvy cooking skills. He took a gap year to go to culinary school in France. He’s undecided but definitely wants to do a STEM concentration. His hobbies include working out, and playing volleyball.