vivsViva Sandoval, Brown ’20
Viva is our Harmo soprano star, belting out some of our dopest songs. Viva is also our resident campus celebrity. From her first day at Brown, her smile and contagious energy has lit up every room she has entered! As a first year musical theater star, Viva made huge waves when she starred in Sock and Buskin’s In the Heights. If you catch her on the dance floor, she will blow you away with her hips- let me assure you, they do not lie.

IMG_7950.jpgDrew Hawkinson, Brown ’19, Business Manager
From Mass, Drew swooped in and blew us away with his vocal bass chops. The sweet looking boy is always sure to come into rehearsals looking fly and edgy, especially when wearing his famed leather jacket. He is indeed the best smolderer of the group. You can catch Drew performing 
in musicals, or if you give him a song to arrange, he will have it ready for you sooner than you’ll expect. He is sure to make a lasting impact on Harmo.

received_240506633264916 (1).jpegLydia Haile, Brown ’19 Music Director
Lydia holds it down in harmo with her smooth mezzo voice, consistent chill vibes and positive attitude. When she isn’t killing it in rehearsal singing Settle Down or dropping a few fire bars in Buy You a Drink, she can be found putting in some serious work in the Rock until the sun comes up, probably studying for Orgo or some other crazy hard STEM class. She’s hard working, dedicated, and looks STUNNI
NG in her seemingly endless collection of gold accessories. Only a sophomore, harmo and all of its dedicated fans gets to look forward to another 2 years of her killer voice and beautiful presence.

IMG_7955.jpgBelu-Olisa Sarkissian, Brown ’21
Straight out of Brooklyn, Belu is the newest powerhouse of Harmo.  Her laidback yet edgy style fits perfectly with Harmo’s vibe and she always lights up the rehearsal room with her bright spirit. When she’s not melting our hearts singing that smooth, smooth soprano in her jaw-dropping rendition of “Wait for the Moment”, she is found taking hauntingly fierce photoshoots in empty playgrounds and abandoned bridges. Watch out world, cause this sop is taking us higher than we’ve ever been.

april.jpgApril Kim, RISD ’20
April is Harmo’s hardcore tenor hailing from Korea. When she’s not pulling three-day-long all nighters working on insane RISD project, she’s sleeping through rehearsals. Her gorgeous voice makes it well worth it though! Be careful not to get cut by her razor sharp studded docs and even sharper winged liner. And yes, we will always be jealous of the extra-special Harmo bond April has with her RA, Harmo senior Leah Aegerter.

leniLeni Kreienberg,  Brown ’20, Music Director
Leni is Harmo’s alto bb from upstate NY. When she’s not tooting her horn in Brown’s orchestra, you can catch her crying over music theory in Orwig or bio labs on the scili quiet floor. She is currently gunning for the title of “best shoes in harmo” but otherwise her aesthetic is def hip grandma. she loves harmo with all of her heart and strongly believes that fruit should not be found in desserts 
 Eat ur heart out world.

IMG_7957.jpgLeo Tamez, Brown ’21

Leo is one of Harmo’s newest babies whose bear hugs can crush your bones. He’s one sexy bear though, because he puts scissors and knives to shame with his razor sharp jawline and out-of-this-world makeup skills. Leo is the heart of Harmo’s music, launching those boots and cats and crazier beats to make anyone bop their head. But don’t let his beatboxing win over your heart just yet, becuase behind his drum machine is the voice of an angel. Watch out for this multi-talented man, because he’ll be glowing up that stage.

IMG_7959.JPGKhaila JeNea Mickens, Brown ’20

Khai is Harmo’s freshest sophomore baby. When she’s not killing riffs in Harmo, you can find her running around campus producing/performing in incredible theater, writing astute political commentaries, casually typing a paper in Chinese, and caring deeply for her resident babies. Catch her on our Youtube page for a transformative experience that is Khai’s version of Rocket. She ain’t right for doing it to us like that, daddy.

IMG_7961.jpgAndrea Qi, Brown ’21

Andrea, aka the actual most caring and sweet person on the planet (also known to some as queen, mom, emperor, and lovable goofball), is the epitome of a kindhearted human. Don’t let her fool you with her humble heart; she is one of the most talented people you will get to see. She has an attention to detail like no other and not only cares about learning for herself, but also has a genuine passion to teach and learn with others. Andrea goes above and beyond for her friends and for Harmo, so don’t miss this talented icon performing at all our concerts.

IMG_7962.jpgMia Atterbery, Brown ’21

As soon as we heard Mia sing, we couldn’t Take our Eyes off her. You’ll recognize her from her signature huge hoops, or maybe even her propensity to burn herself with a steamer (you can ask her about the scar from the second-degree burn). This vocal powerhouse not only sings mezzo for Harmo, but also does theater on campus (ask her about her fabulous performance in Heathers: The Musical)! Prepare your eardrums for the blessing that is Mia’s voice when you come to Harmo’s concerts.

IMG_7963.jpgAlina Kim, Brown ’21

Brand-spanking-new to Harmo, Alina is among our newest batch of ravishing baby bunnies. Do not let her freshness fool you. She is serene. She is razor focused. She is a fiercely skilled soprano who sings with nuance and precision – oh and perfect freaking pitch. Hailing from Korea and Australia, she could be accurately described as Ms. Worldwode. Alina is on 100 percent of the time. Do not sleep on this stunna.

IMG_7964 2.jpgDaniel Kushner, Brown ’20

Daniel is the tenor of Harmo’s wet dreams, bringing us those high notes that are oh So Good. Always keeping it cool, you’ll find Daniel on many of Brown’s theatrical stages gifting the audience with his passion and immense talent. Living the high life, Daniel is the king of work and play. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a star in the making. Hottest of the hot, make sure to hydrate before catching a glimpse of this fox in action. After seeing him at one of our concerts, you’ll be dying for another taste.