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Tate Tate Sager, RISD ’15

Tate Sager was raised on a llama farm in rural Philadelphia, but don’t let that fool you: he is a man, and a straight one at that. Watch out ladies (and any gay men looking for a challenge) for this blonde haired, blue eyed hottie who divides his time between sanding wooden candlesticks at the woodshop and modeling J.Crew’s Spring line around the RISD quad. Being in Industrial Design basically guarantees that he’s good with his hands, so let your imagination run wild. Oh, and boy can sing.

Katy Katy Strutz, RISD ’15

Ms. Katy Strutz hails from a fairytale, and when she isn’t feverishly working on art, she is busy being a real life princess. She rocks Doc Martens better than Dr. Marten himself, and is always fabulously dressed in high waisted skirts and pants, florals, and other princess attire, such as crowns and ballgowns. She promptly arrives at rehearsal via horse and carriage by her kingdom. She’s a junior at RISD studying art of some kind, and she’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Jake Jake Moffett, Brown ’15

Jakey Mason Moffett, Harmo’s resident floozy hails from Staten Island where he can often be found putting his supernatural power of seduction to use on the street corner. Here in Rhode Island, Jake enjoys the simpler things, such as eating cottage cheese straight out of the container, and wearing only his Coors Light boxers for three days straight. But don’t let that fool you, Jake is the hottest thing to hit Brown’s campus. He can’t leave the house without being mistaken for Stevie Nicks and he’s had to sign so many autographs he has permanent carpel tunnel. He often adorns himself in head to toe velvet to complement his sultry, velvety smooth rocker voice, making it hard for people everywhere not to fall in love. He hopes to give back to his fans one day by directing his high school’s musical, so he can live out his true dream of being constantly surrounded by 14-17 year olds. While Jake loves the attention, he doesn’t love the notties. So please only hotties need contact. For bookings and appointments call 1-800-HOT-SOMF or email

Marion Marion Wellington, Brown ’16, Music Director

Marion Wellington is one. foxy. lady.

As brainy as she is beautiful, she is our HarMo business manager who gets shit done. Whether texting the group funny faces or dressing up as a slutty Dora the Explorer, Marion knows how to keep things light and fun. Her smile is infectious, and her sassiness can keep even our biggest divas in check.

So check her out, because even though she’s plotting to have a HarMo baby with Evan, that doesn’t mean she intends to stay monogamous.

Evan Evan Silver, Brown ’16

Seduced by his trendy frames and jazzy voice (and large, innocent eyes), Harmo accepted Evan “evums” Silver into our family his first semester at Brown. Riding the breezes from the Windy City, Evan sails as one of Harmo’s most grounded members, even if his freshmen year was kind of crazy cuz he was asst. directing every show on campus.  He (with the help of Jarrett) is the resident break-shit-at-party specialist. Name it, he’s broken it – macbooks, glasses, tables. Aside from his strong relationship to gravity, he enjoys receiving haircuts from the wonderful stylings of Kevums, grandpa sweaters and funky print socks.

Tom Tom Sullivan, Brown ’15

Meet Tom Sullivan, one of harmos newest babies.  Hailing from the land of Glenside, PA, you can find this spectacular individual editing photos for Brown’s prestigious newspaper, the Brown Daily Herald, snapping shots himself like a boss, or just being all-around the chillest dude you’ve ever met.  Not only that, but he is always down to spice up your life with his stunning Spanish and Portuguese language skills.  In Harmo, Tom keeps things rolling with his ridiculous beat-boxing, making some of the craziest sounds you’ll ever hear and sending chills down your spine with his irresistibly smooth rhythmic stylings.

Andy Andy Li, Brown ’17

Meet Andy Li. This sultry bass hails from Chicago, Illinois. He is your quintessential Harmo hipster who is known to rock a fresh pair overalls to a formal concert or dress as the cutest playboy bunny on Halloween. Andy is suave, wise beyond his years and a great talker and listener. His complex and intellectual side can be seen through his writing contributions with Bluestockings Magazine while he works towards a Lit Arts concentration. Reach out to Andy if you are having trouble getting to sleep and his deep voice will let you drift off into the dreamiest of dreams.

Kieran Kiern Barry, Brown ’16

Just like his counterparts, the Dwarves of Erebor, Kieran Barry seduced Harmo when he stormed their Hobbit hole, ate their candy, and sang them songs of the kingdom under the mountain (if you know what we mean). When not questing for long forgotten gold, Kieran has a beautiful bass voice and 200-ish younger brothers. Although a native of Providence, RI, Kieran currently lives in the Brown CIT, from which he occasionally escapes to play Frisbee, act in bunch of theater productions, and sometimes go ice climbing, with ice picks.

Keven Keven Griffen, Brown ’17

Keven is a sophomore from Arizona who transferred from Middlebury by wooing Brown admissions with her outdoor peeing adventures. Growing up with four siblings, three dogs, thirty chickens and some bees, she loves anything turquoise and enjoys wearing cooking pots for hats. When she isn’t saving the environment at her awesome co-op on campus or going to sleep at 7 pm, she graces HarMo with her killer voice, beautiful voluminous hair and all-around adorableness and can brighten up anyone’s day.

Khia Khia Poitier, RISD ’14

Hailing from the Bahamas, this Caribbean princess is Harmo’s newest addition!  Serving fly fishy lady fierceness Khia brings a new flavor to the group, spicing up Harmonic Motion with a taste of her tropic thunder.  Khia is a senior at RISD, studying “Hair and Booty.” Let me tell you, because this piece be rolling around campus twerkin’ and whipping her hair back and forth. No one can reckon with this fabulous queen.  Whether she’s being sassy or tying in her newest up-do, Khia is actually just the sweetest girl. Harmo is very lucky to have Khia on the team.  With her beautiful voice, infectious personality, beaming smile and sultry strut no one can resist this temptress. Try to resist. I dare you.

Barbie Will Barbosa, Brown ’14

Will Barbosa is a staunch and true homie born in Puerto Rico and hailing from Rochester, NY. He likes playing soccer, baseball, and tennis. When he’s not acting as the unofficial hype-man on our funkier songs, he’s usually playing guitar or piano, and of course, singing. Anytime you need a chill guy to have a beer with, hit him up.

Emma Emma Chasen, Brown ’14

Emma “mama chaser” Chasen, our newest Brown President leads Harmonic Motion in 6 inch stilettos, leather pants, and crop tops.  From the tropical Island of Long, Ms. Chasen is stealin hearts, saving the world and beltin at the top of lungs all at once. Soon to be a Homeopathic Doctor she will be healing the ails of the sick  with her magical botanical remedies, while remaining the hottest betch in the business doing it. Her seductive smile and flawless curvy physique will captivate millions, but only few will get the privilege of her presence. Emma’s hotness is only matched by her equally sexy, sassy, fierce attitude. World, meet Emma. Can you handle her? She’s a hot one.

Sofija Sophia Diaz, Brown ’14

Sophija “So-fine-a” Dijas hails from the one and only Miami, Florida, and takes harmo sex appeal through the roof with her chonga superpowers. Harmo has had to file 7 official restraining orders and hire several bodyguards for this sultry soprano since she started performing Settle Down on the reg, pero like, she’s worth the trouble. When she isn’t singing, Sophia is busy being a casual genius, achieving celebrity status through her instagram food blog, comforting everyone in her proximity having a bad day, building battlebots that can kill you, and making the world a sexier place. All praise Santa Sophij!

Hallie Hallie Morrison, RISD ’14

Hallie Rene Morrison is our resident goth diva goddess. She is at once a painter, a vegan, a knitting evangelist, and froyo enthusiast. Hallie can often be spotted sporting all black, a double nose piercing, black rimmed glasses, and general angst. Make no mistake, Hallie is that betch. Miss lady is pitch perfect, so don’t think you can get away with being flat. You shall be served. And honestly, you should be honored to be on the receiving end of her righteous judgment. En el nombre de Hallie, Amen.

Hannah Hannah Nauen, Brown ’14

Hannah Nauen is our resident Beyoncé, casually being a diva while saving children, women, gays, people of colour and their various intersections using her powers of social justice. Because she comes to us from Minnesota, she can speak while sounding like a chugging train, dance with the back of her palm, and do complicated Jewish math. Any number of those may or may not be true. She loves Andrew Garfield, and once stalked him all the way to New York in the rain. Because, again, she’s from Minnesota. So she can do shit like that.

Matteo Matteo Ziff, Brown ’14

Matteo “Mattitties” Ziff has metamorphosed under the loving wings of Harmonic Motion since his days as a freshman. From flips flops and polo tees to dress shoes and shirts, Matteo has enthusiastically represented the group’s Miami populace, masterfully arranged repertoire, and shared his beautiful, crooning voice with us. Matteo continues to surprise the group at each rehearsal whether he is transmitting from Boston or Miami, out painting his toe nails, greasing up before a show, or selling things to Apple, which Harmo cannot comprehend. Harmonic Motion loves Mattitties in every single way, and honestly cannot wait to see what big things he will do next.

Brigham Brigham Madden-Cox, Brown ’14

Brigham, aka DJ Mad-Cox, comes to us from Phoenixville, PA. Harmo’s angsty romantic encompasses the musical and vocal stylings of Mickey Mouse, Brandon Flowers, and an alarmingly convincing Hinder all rolled up into one. As a senior at Brown studying Lit Arts and English, he lights up Harmo’s world with his interesting pelvic thrust dance moves and his freshly shaven head—the latest of his impulsive get-ups.  Harmo loves Brigham. And he loves us. *I got you bro*.

JonJon Key, RISD ’13

Meet the most beautiful man to bless this earth: Jonathan Key. With his impeccable style, perfect cheekbones and generally gorgeous demeanor he runs all of the shit. As graphic design extraordinaire at RISD, he graciously lent his talents to Brown theater and of course Harmonic Motion. He blesses all he meets with his no fucks attitude and refreshing realness. He’s beauty and he’s grace he’s Miss United States. You’ll fall in love.

PaulaPaula Dixon, Brown ’13

Hailing from the effervescent Pittsburgh, Paula “Abdul” Dixon is a versatile young woman. As a certified coal miner, she likes to spend her Saturday mornings roughing it in the Pittsburgh Coal Seam and later heading home to do some heavy duty embroidering. Her music taste crosses all eras, but her concise yet rich voice remains timeless. Miss Dixon is a builder of all sorts; a builder of sets, a builder of mechanical engineering paraphernalia, and most importantly, a builder of love.

Kevums Kevin Cassidy, RISD ’13

An architecture student at RISD, Kevin is the life of the group that we all try to emulate.  His tell-the-truth-in-words-that-you-may-struggle-to-understand-because-they-are-a-weird-mix-of-ebonics and-fabulous-flair attitude enriches our rehearsals, performances, and smang sessions. Although it may seem as if Kevin is all about living life fast and furious, if you want to get real with him he is always ready.  He will give careful guidance on how to make an architecture model if you have no idea what you are doing, will help fix straight people’s hair at the drop of a hat (one accessory that he is loathe to wear as it would deform his precious and immaculate ginger weave), and, real talk, will help you with any burden that you may happen to bear by giving sound advice and the motivation to push through.  Beyond that, he is an incredible singer (tenor) that will run trails through the air with his fingers and his voice that will delve softly into your heart.

Dre Andreas Nicholas, RISD ’13

Andreas James Nicholas’ voice has been lower then Isaac Hayes’ since the day he was born.  Dre was destined to change the developing world one bass note at a time.  At RISD, he was a film, animation, and video concentrator that strives bring underrepresented stories to audiences that wouldn’t normally see them.  His velvety voice has made women swoon from Uganda to Haiti.  Drizzy is currently working on his thesis project about his secret agent grandfather who escaped from Slovakia in 1948.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a ridiculously low voice as well.

Maynah Will Mayner, Brown ’13

William Mayner was our classy, sassy resident beat-boxer. Producing cool beats, hip rhythms, and alternative sounds, he enriched Harmonic Motion’s already diverse repertoire with his charming New York style. He’s absolutely hilarious, ridiculously intelligent, and never ceases to amaze with his vocal instrumentation. When not at Harmo, he devoted his busy schedule to running his company and writing code for classes that most of us have never even heard of. He’s amazing. What’s not to love about this guy….When you meet him, you’ll melt.

Kat Kat Lee, Brown ’13

When she’s not making edgy conceptual art or monitoring irresponsible art students who set things on fire and try to cut holes through handsaws, Kat Lee’s sexy, luscious, buttery, cello voice will make you climax. She’s hot – hotter than her home state of California – and she always looks super hip too, especially when she wears her Tupac shirt. For a sample of her acting work, check out Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” video at 2:46.

Joel Joel Kang, Brown ’13

Joel hails from the sunny, tropical island of Singapore and has earned the prestigious title of “best male cleavage” in our a cappella group.  When he isn’t at the gym drinking a protein shake or avoiding a potential nip slip you can find him seducing people with his devilish good looks and playfully unbuttoned shirts.  Needless to say, Joel is a sexy bass with a great personality and an amazing voice that is sure to impress anyone.

Jarrett Jarrett Key, Brown ’13

Like the Longwood Pine, Jarrett Key is a native of Alabama and can throw shade with up to a 316 ft reach in the final moments before sunset (given a flat horizon). He also holds the secret to longer-than-24hour days, which allowed him to study both Public Policy and Theatre Arts, direct and/or act in and/or lead multiple plays and/or theatre groups, and bake pies with perfect lattice-tops. He doesn’t share this secret, but we suspect it has something to do with black radicalism, soprano-replacement falsettos, and the double-bind of performativity, where “actually” intensifies (rather than undercuts) sincerity. Actually.

Yes chile, Jarrett is a mover. He’s a maker. He’s a sweetheart and an excellent Ugandan and a hot as heyell dancer. He lives in you.

Ellen Ellen Zahniser, Brown ’14

This incredibly modest, modern day sandy blonde version of Aretha Franklin is sure to seduce you with her piercing blue eyes and hip high waisted jeans. Ellen is a one-of-a-kind Seattle earth mother who can make any grown man cry with her illustrious and detailed vocal abilities (just ask the Key brothers or Brigham). She is lactose intolerant – sometimes referring to herself as a ‘lactard’ – so if you’re looking to take her on an ice cream date, think again boys.

Emily Emily Rudder, Brown ’17

Emily Rudder, class of 2017, hails from Seattle, Washington, where she was known to cultivate an obsession with monkeys that bordered on unhealthy. As a child, she was an accomplished gymnast, but gave that all up in her pursuit of a cappella perfection at Brown. Her combined spunk and alarming lack of shame has earned her the unofficial title “selfie princess,”. Emily is also an accomplished actress. She brings her talents to lots of theater on campus from Production Workshop to Sock and Buskin. In Harmonic Motion, she sings an enchanting alto/mezzo-soprano.

Leah Leah Aegerter, RISD ’17

A sculpture major at RISD, Leah Aegerter is Harmo’s deliverer of honey tones. She will slay you with her silky brown eyes and mellifluous voice, and also with her ability to sculpt literally anything out of anything. This down-to-earth metal-welding gal will melt your heart and turn it into a dope-ass work of art. All you have to do is ask ;-).

Dan Dan Rapuano, Brown ’17

Dan Rapuano is a Brown senior from Lower Marion (it’s just outside of Philly, guys…). When he isn’t directing or acting in theater shows, singing that sultry baritone in HarMo, or working toward a Comparative Lit concentration. Danny boy can be found breaking hearts all over campus. He looks just as dapper in a suit and tie as he does in his sexy doctor costume from Halloween 2014— aka an open lab coat, briefs, and nothing else. So watch out boys and girls, because once you set eyes on this kind cutie, you can’t help but swoon.

Alex Alex DeFrancesco, Brown ’17

Alex DeFrancesco is one of Brown’s hotties hailing from New York. When she’s not slayin’ it in the fashion department, she’s getting wet and wild teaching little kids about animals at the New York Aquarium. She’s kind of an international superstar, since she had a story published in a Russian magazine when she was a kid about a crocodile. No biggie or anything! Her singing sounds like angelic choirs flying out of her curvacious body, especially when she’s killing it in the opera department. She’s addicted to coffee, interested in jewish, and her religious views are men. Ooops, other way around  Iloveharmo ❤

Maikerly Maikerly Reyes Ureña, Brown ’18

Born in the Dominican Republic and reppin’ the Bronx, Maikerly “Young Curls” Reyes Ureña now graces Brown’s campus with her love of skin-tight denim, vibrant patterns, and tasteful choke collars. Equipped with a soulful boom only outranked by Christina Aguilera herself, Maikerly’s vocal training at LaGuardia High School has made her a veritable Harmo powerhouse. While she may seem shy at first glance, this firecracker is always ready to bring the sass and kick some ass.

Jeffrey Jeffrey Hao, Brown ’18

Jeffrey Hao is Brown junior who says he is from Maryland but is more likely from a magical fantasy world because not only he a cutie and a computer science genius but he also has many special powers. These include but are not limited to being our human pitch pipe, comfortably wearing open toe shoes during blizzards, successfully chasing brown shuttles until they stop and agree to drive us back to pembroke and being able to do insane belly rolls while on the low having the sexiest six pack ever. Don’t be fooled by his innocent smile and cartoon-character-like charm, because when Jeff starts singing he can melt you with his smoky jazzy voice.

Saleka Saleka Shyamalan, Brown ’18

Besides absolutely killing the boot game on a regular basis, Saleka “I wear a tiny beanie” Shyamalan is also a killer Soprano for Brown’s hottest co-ed A Cappella group (Harmo, obviously). When she’s not trying to fix her car (whose alarm, for some reason, randomly goes off while she still in the car), she’s wishing that she could teleport, arrive to rehearsal at 10PM sharp, and still have time to fulfill her healthy obsession with getting crêpes in the middle of the night(can never have too many of those).

kev.jpgKevin, RISD ’19
Kevin Dong has the voice and face of an angel. But don’t let that fool you. If you’ve never seen him enjoying the results of fermentation, you’d be shocked at the transformation from the mild-mannered young man you thought you knew to the lit AF, red-faced, in-your-face-screaming-Beyoncé demon within. When this Kiwi isn’t blessing Harmo with his angelic voice, he’s probably listening to ASMR or hosting a radio show, since he always seems to be very on top of his crazy Graphic Design workload at RISD. Catch him taking the Rock on random Tuesdays and Thursdays with Lydia from 12-2!

Duncan Gallagher, Brown ’18IMG_7953.jpg
With his deep, resonant bass notes, Dunc is the rock that holds everyone sane in harmo. His jaw-dropping production “Yerma”, fanclub of high school students from his tours, and dedicated spot in the Writing Center only goes to show his ability to juggle a million commitments while making every one of them special. With his bright blue jacket all over campus, do not fear if you can’t spot him for now. Dunc will definitely be attending Harmo concerts, where you can finally experience his freestyle dance moves.


FabienFabien Ma, Brown ’18
First thing’s first, Fabe is capital H Huge. Why is he so big you may ask? Other than being Harmo’s OG lit a$$ beatboxer, he is also a power lifter who competes nationally because he is so big and can lift unreasonably heavy things. He is a wiz at CS and you may have heard of the company he works for since before senior year, a little social media platform called Twitter. This man already attended AND graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, so he is also a master chef????? Someone tell G. Ramsay and M. Zuckerberg that their jobs are in jeopardy because Fabe is ready to take on the real world.