Billed as “the hottest co-ed a cappella group on College Hill,” Harmonic Motion traditionally includes distinctive soloists as well as a strong RISD presence. Harmo specializes in contemporary music: R&B, pop, rock, and alternative; the innovative, the catchy, and the trend-setting. Putting on a great show is a prerogative in this group, as is having a lot of fun. Harmonic Motion performs at about a dozen major events at both College Hill campuses and in the Providence community each year. Excluding special endeavors such as CD recording, retreats, and guest performing at other universities, time commitment for members is about six hours per week of rehearsal.

“Harmonic Motion defines my college experience. Without the group of incredibly talented, thoughtful, expressive souls that I surround myself with every week I would not be the person I am today. These people are my family; they have had an incredible influence in shaping and supporting my personal growth and I continue to learn from them everyday. We sing together for 6 hours every week but we are so much more than our music. We experience and engage in an uncensored, unapologetic discourse on diversity, race, gender, love, life, disappointment, heartache, success and then we bring it to our circle and sing it all out. That circle, that support, is my home. It has allowed me to proudly and assertively become completely myself. And without my involvement with this group of people whom I call my family I would be lost. HarMo has my heart and unwavering gratitude for allowing me to meet the people who will be undoubtedly be life-long friends of mine.”
-Emma Chasen, Brown President ’14